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7 Tools for Design Thinking

What's in your toolkit? Photo by: Pleuntje

We’ve had a makeover. If you’re using the WE THINQ interface you’ll notice we’ve added a little pizzazz to our tool for the new year. Not only is the social innovation process laid out more clearly, we’ve also given you the option to work on your project using the design thinking process. The design thinking process differs from traditional forms of open innovation. But as that is a definition that is ever changing we are excited to be giving you the options to choose the best method for the project at hand.

Design Thinking Tools:

1. Innovation Flowchart - The perfect place to start your project. Perfect for design thinking or open innovation. This chart allows you to map out your process before you begin. Set the stages, skills, and risks that are relevant to your project and keep it on your wall as you move through them. Update and edit as the project ebbs and flows.

2. Question Ladder- We discuss asking the right questions in our guide to open innovation This worksheet will help you define your questions and disperse workload. Great design thinking tool!

3. Design thinking tool kit - This toolkit by Frog Design was first designed to help girls living in developing communities solve problems and deliver solutions. It is now available for anyone to download, and explains the design thinking process in simple, concise language.

4. IDEO design kit -This design thinking tool from open IDEO is a step by step guide to the elements of human-centered design. It is specifically designed for social enterprises and NGO’s and gives an in depth look at design thinking. If you are new to design thinking this is a great place to start!

5. Google ventures design sprint- A one-week plan for a design “sprint”. If you have a project you want to tackle quickly with a small team, look at this design thinking resource. It is designed to solve problems over the course of 5 days, each represented by one stage of design thinking.

6. Design thinking mix tapes - These fun recordings will help you go in depth into the design thinking process. Each “tape” takes you through a different stage in design thinking and aims to help you keep your projects on track.

7. WE THINQ - Now that you’ve planned your process and have all the information you need, it’s time to get to work! WE THINQ helps you put your design thinking project into action. It is set up to take you and your team through the stages of design thinking. Upload your research, define key challenges, brainstorm ideas, put them to the test and repeat!

What are your favourite design thinking tools? Post in the comments and if we love it too we’ll add it to the list!