A Design Thinking Software That Works


"Design thinking only works in face-to-face workshops." That's what we often hear, but we have proved the contrary. Design thinking is the innovative way to solve various challenges. WeThinq is an online design thinking platform that offers you siplified guided processes and achieves even better end results that face-to-face meetings.

  • No location constraints. You can include all contributers and partakers into the process wherever they are.
  • No time constraints. You are not confined to a meeting or workshop schedule.
  • No financial constraints. Meetings and workshops can be expensive, so you save a lot of money ($$) by meeting online.

"With WE THINQ we were able to conduct difficult discussion processes between all the parties concerned efficiently. All participants were involved from the beginning and in a short time we achieved a common result."

David Abeler - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Anytime, Anywhere

WeThinq is flexible. Get people from everywhere on board whenever you need them.


Use our simplified smart methods and metrics to guide your team through the process.

It is that simple to start


Choose a space or process that fits your challenge, invite participants with just one click, and see first results within minutes.

Knowledge sharing and learning

Let yourself be amused by the hight collaboration stream. Progress through the different stages with ease.

Funnel down for best solutions

Prototype and iterate through potential solutions. You have all results in one place and your team can easily engage.

Results matter

The greatest design thinking process ensures a reliable outcome. WeThinq provides you with the necessary metrics to keep your team on target and guarantees you an efficient progress from challenge to result: best high potential service or end product solution.

WeThinq is mobile. Your team can share contributions, observations and facts (ethnography) on the go. Instant high participation leading to great designed solutions.

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An All-in-One Solution – Packed with Powerful and Meaningful Features.

Social profiles

Each user has a profile and a dashboard showing all activities at glance.

Multi-device support

All our features are Desktop, Mobile and Tablet friendly.

Blog section

A dedicated blog as a side channel to communicate with your community.

Public and private space

You decide how open or closed your platform should be.


Our platform is currently available in five languages: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

Content administration

We make content administration a breeze. Moderators can manage content inline.

Custom pages

Add your own custom pages to your innovation management software.

Mailing system

E-Mail is critical. WE THINQ provides user notifciation, daily digests and a newsletter tool.

Social network analysis

See your innovation system from a bird-eye view in real-time.

"WE THINQ helped us setting up an exciting international idea competition on the topic of energy savings in households. We benefited a lot from WE THINQ's expertise in the field of idea platforms."

Dr. Franka Birke - Entrepreneurship Lead -
Climate-KIC Germany