The Ultimate Guide To Open Innovation

Seven lessons about open innovation to help you become an instant expert

Our free 7 day tutorial will teach you how to master the open innovation process from harnessing great ideas to providing the best services to your community.

  • Know-hows, tips and clear examples from experts.
  • Exchange made easy and joint decision making.
  • Clear outcomes ready to be put into practice.


The goal for the course is to define the right entry points to foster an open innovation environment. We provide you with successful examples of different approaches taken by other organizations to innovate easily in collaboration with their co-workers.


After completing this course you will be ready to plan a process using open innovation in your organisation. The course covers:

Idea competitions
Optimizing internal and external resources
Innovative document and policy creation
General principles of open innovation to be applied to any situation


The course is chock full of different resources to give you more in depth information. If you're interested in a a specific project or type of innovation these resources will help you plunge into the topic of your choice!