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What To Look For In A Social Innovation Software

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You know you need a social innovation software. A tool that is going to help you stay connected with your team and keep on track with your breakthrough project. You know that ideas can happen anytime and anywhere and that everyone on your team deserves an equal voice. So now that you’re ready to find the right tool, what features should you be looking for in an open innovation software? Our team has run open innovation contests, utilised design thinking for social change, and run projects and campaigns to boost social innovation. So what do we find most useful in a social innovation tool? ##5 Things to Look for in a Social Innovation Software:

1. Flexibility

Every project is different. Whether you have a team of 10 based in a few different cities or a team of hundreds based all around the world, finding a tool that is going to be adaptable to the needs of your project is our number 1 priority.

2. Expert support

You know your project inside and out. Now you need someone who is an expert in the social innovation process. Finding a software that gives you access to support from innovation consultants is a huge win in our books. A bit of extra guidance can make the difference between a successful outcome and going back to the drawing board.

3. Ease of use

Social innovation is…social. Is your community going to be able to intuitively understand your software? Participation is a key factor in social innovation. Find a tool that makes it easy for people to participate!

4. Design support

The social innovation process can get a little messy. From brainstorming ideas to building them up to testing them, analysing, and heading back to stage one - a lot can happen! Having a system that is flexible to your design needs, and can help you structure your project, will be a big help when you’re in the middle of things!

5. Community features

Community building is a big part of social innovation. Having invested team members will keep everyone more engaged throughout the project! What features do you need to have to interact with your community? Direct messages? Message boards? Comment features? Investigate what community building features are included before you invest in a social innovation software.