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Because every project is different, WE THINQ isn't something 'off the shelf’. It is tailored to meet your needs and expectations, always offering different workflows and options and delivering best results.


Successful innovation projects depend on the right strategy. We include state of the art methods such as Design Thinking, to ensure innovation and sustainability in your end product.

"In the next 10 years, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies will be gone."

John M. Olin, School of Business, Washington University

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Participants are highly motivated to innovate and create.

Save time and costs

Participants can take part in innovation processes and start creating from anywhere.

Achieve great results

Transform the way you collect, prioritise, and implement ideas in no time.

"The WE THINQ platform can be adapted to your challenge, for a great price, in a sensible timeframe with beautiful results. The back end is simple and easy to maintain throughout different stages of a competition. The WE THINQ team listens to the customer’s needs and works fast to achieve results"

Results Using WE THINQ

Idea Management Software
A mobilization of experts from round Europe to find intelligent energy solutions resulted in 3 promising startups making their way to market end products.

Design Thinking
An organization collaborated with external stakeholders for 3 weeks on 5 challenges resulting in 300 ideas, 20 prototypes and 5 concrete implementations.

Social Innovation
Organizing online innovation events, where employees shared their competencies to find create sustainable product solutions.

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