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11 Blogs Every Social Innovator Should Be Reading


As a social innovator, you strive to find efficient, sustainable, and creative solutions that impact society’s most pressing challenges. However, it can be incredibly difficult to develop these solutions on your own. That is where social innovation blogs come in. Social innovation blogs provide aid in many ways. Some blogs discuss how modern social innovators have reached success in resolving world issues, describing techniques that you may be able to utilize towards your own goal. However, other blogs also work towards aiding you in developing your own personal solutions for world issues. Others provide you with the latest information in the world of social innovation. Social innovation blogs are a valuable resource that a social innovator can take advantage of so, without further ado…

Here are 11 social innovation blogs that every social innovator should be reading:

  1. The Heart of Innovation - Like the title suggests, this blog teaches you how to spark innovative ideas and encourage those around you to effectively spark ideas as well.
  2. Innovation in Practice - This blog takes a step back and teaches you how to be a successful innovator, describing the importance of courage and diversity of strategies for your group.
  3. Innov8Social - This blog will provide you with podcast interviews featuring successful social innovators who discuss the social issues they are passionate about and how they made an impact in resolving them. This blog is currently on a hiatus yet scrolling through the archives can provide incredible value and insight.
  4. Social Velocity - With posts like “10 Great Social Innovation Reads,” this blog will lead you to important information and discussions about the struggles you may face in the world of social innovation. It’s an especially great resource if you are part of a non-profit business.
  5. SSIR Articles - This blog will keep you up to date on everything you need to keep a social innovation organization running. It provides information about technology that could aid you, advice on how to manage money, and more.
  6. Shipulski On Design - This blog aids innovators by breaking down problems or challenges innovators may face, such as how to allocate resources, and turning them into simple, easier to answer questions and concepts to help make the best decision.
  7. Blog of the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME) - This blog describes ways to internationalize social innovation projects and discusses the phenomenon of social innovation in international locations, mainly Europe.
  8. Innovation Excellence - This blog truly is excellent. It focuses on how to achieve every aspect of what is necessary for success, such as fostering ideas, listening to the customer, partnering with other groups, and incorporating new technology to further achievements.
  9. The Discipline of Innovation - Full of graphs and diagrams, this blog works to clearly explain the possible benefits of different courses of action for innovation companies. While posts can be quite long, there is usually a “conclusions” and “takeaway” section at the end to inform you of the best course of action and how it could impact you.
  10. Rise Africa Rise - An inspirational blog on social innovation in Africa. The articles are filled with valuable resources, relevant information, inspiring content and a supportive online community to help you succeed as an impact entrepreneur.
  11. We Thinq - Last but not least: our blog! We Thinq is dedicated to helping innovators more efficiently discuss and develop ideas. Likewise, our blog aims to provide you with helpful information and ideas to insure your innovative success.

Are there any other social innovation blogs you think people should follow? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article!