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Design Thinking Guides, Whitepapers, and Best Practices

By Jacob Bøtter - (CC)

Design thinking is the human-centred approach to innovation. We hope you find these guides, whitepapers, and best practices helpful in incorporating design thinking into your innovation initiatives. Have something to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


An introduction to design thinking process guide - An in depth look at each stage of design thinking.

Asking important questions: A guide to design thinking - How to apply design thinking to the innovation process.

Introduction to design thinking - A methodology for service design.

The MISC guide to design thinking - Navigating the blurred boundaries of business, technology, and design through a series of insightful articles by some of the leading experts in insight, foresight, and innovation.

The essential guide to design thinking - Exploring design thinking's approach to problem solving.

beginners guide to design thinking - Defining the process of design thinking.


Re-thinking design thinking - A whitepaper looking at the gaps in the design thinking process.

Design thinking whitepaper - The implications of adopting a design thinking methodology.

Best Practices

What is design thinking - A brief overview of the principles and stages of design thinking.

Collective action toolkit - Take design thinking to the real world with this organisations guide to design projects.

Standford design school best practices - Veiw various design thinking methods that have helped succesful projects from start to finish.

Design thinking as a strategy for innovation - How to apply design thinking methods to improve innovation.

Design kit - Open IDEO's guide to human centred design.