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Citizen Participation Resources


We believe that civic engagement, or including people in your governing process, is important to your success. Whether you’re a government organisation or a business, connecting with your communities will benefit both you and your community. But getting started with a civic engagement project can be intimidating. So this week, we’ve put together a resource list for you to help you plan and feel confident about your community engagement project.


Citizen Participation Handbook - A handbook outlining citizen participation methodologies, looking at a variety of different sources to increase community engagement.

Community Planning Toolkit - An overview of the methods that Brighton and Hove are using to engage with their communities and improve their cities.

Using Online Tools To Engage The Public - This report looks at the best ways to use technology to engage citizens and communities.

How Do You 'Do' Community Engagement - A list of tools and resources for community engagement from the Minnessota department of health.

The Three Most Effective Tools For Community Engagement - A simple blog bost on how to engage with your community by using basic tools.

Community Planning Toolkit - A toolkit to help you plan and implement community engagement processes.

Discussion Guide for Educating Citizens - A guide from the New York Times on starting the conversation around civic engagement on campus.

Planning a Service Project - The Service Project Planning Guide outlines the considerations, components, and tasks necessary for planning and leading a successful community service project.

Facilitating Discussions - The Reflection Facilitation Handbook provides an overview of the relationship between reflection and service, tips for facilitating these conversations and suggestions and directions for activities.

Community Entry Tips - A guide on building your community in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

How Technology Is Changing Civic Engagement (And How It’s Not) - A blog post to reflect on the role of technology in civic engagement, and how we can use technology to strengthen the civic engagement process.

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