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Policy Feedback And Innovation Infographic


Imagine developing a policy bottom-up, engaging your entire team in the process. I want to share with you a great method to crowdsource a policy. Hopefully you can use it to develop your own policy feedback strategy!

Colliding interests and opinions make policy development a complex task. Still, taking varying opinions into consideration is an important part of developing a comprehensive policy.

We have developed a method to get everyone to work together. It is actually easier than you may think.

We have helped the GIZ , an organization where policies are an ongoing task, to get over 200 colleagues in different locations to redraft a policy collectively.

Within two weeks, a constructive and well written policy was developed. WE THINQ served as a platform to give a voice to employees and a chance to participate in finding common solutions. Using the WE THINQ method, valuable feedback was gathered leading to constructive results and higher commitment.

That is an ORGANIZATION'S POTENTIAL FOR COLLECTIVE INNOVATION! Use this infographic to help you define the process of policy feedback: