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Design Thinking Courses

Photo by Ryan Tyler Smith

Design thinking is a different approach to problem solving. Rather than planning first and testing with customers later, organisations are learning to take a human-centered approach. This means getting involved with your communities from the beginning of a project, and learning about the problems they face. Sounds simple, right? Yet organisations often come up short when it comes to solving the challenges their communities are facing. These design thinking courses will help you dive into design thinking practice and theory. From free courses, short courses, and university courses, we think you will find what you are looking for here! If you have taken another course you’d like to recommend, please leave it in the comments- we’d love to check it out!

Design Thinking Courses:

Design Thinking for Business Innovation- This course provides an overview of the design thinking process and tools used for business innovation.

Stanford Design School- A virtual crash course in design thinking. At the end of this 90 minute video you will be prepared to host a design challenge.

University of Virginia School of Business - Work through this online course to solve a real life problem using design thinking.

Mastering Innovation and Design Thinking from MIT - The design thinking process applied to research and engineering. Must be able to travel to the MIT campus in Canbrdige to take this course.

Design Thinking Action Lab - This free course from the Stanford Design School covers the fundamentals of design thinking by tackling a real world innovation problem.

Design Thinking - Learn how design thinking takes a creative and humanistic approach to solving problems. Get in depth theoretical and practical knowledge with this course.

Design Thinking: Innovate in Style - Learn how to think like a designer. This course leads you to better understand your audience and create meaningful solutions.

Design Thinking: The Beginners Guide - Learn the fundamental concepts of design thinking and how it differs from other problem solving solutions.

Design Thinkers Academy Network - A variety of courses and bootcamps to help you discover different aspects of design thinking.

Design Thinking: Creativity For The 21st Century - An introductory course that will change your way of seeing and solving problems forever. A mix of theoretical and practical work will help you to learn how to apply design thinking in education.

Design Kit: The Course For Human Centered Design - A free course that will teach you how to use human centered design to create social change.