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21 Toolkits, Whitepapers, and Best Practices for Open Innovation

Open Innovation Whitepapers, Toolkits, And Best Practices. Photo By: Open Source Way

The ultimate resource list for change makers and innovators. If you are looking for open innovation toolkits, open innovation whitepapers, and open innovation best practices, you have come to the right place. We have compiled this list of toolkits, whitepapers, and best practices to help you find in depth information about open innovation. If you have a great whitepaper, toolkit, or article to add to the list- let us know in the comments!


100 Open Innovation Toolkit - A variety of different open innovation tools to help you in every stage of the innovation process!

100% Open Innovation Toolkit For Charities - All the great tools in the open innovation toolkit, specifically geared towards charities. In the form of a handy slideshare presentation.

Accelerate Open Innovation Toolkit - A comprehensive guide through the open innovation process, designed for the EU.

A Practical Guide To Open Innovation - Specifically geared towards life sciences organisations, this open innovation guide covers everything from methodology to practical tips.

Guidelines For Collecting And Interpreting Innovation Data - A guide on interpreting data and using it to fuel your projects and initiatives.

Increasing Innovative Capacity - Is your organisation ready to benefit from open innovation? This workbook walks you through the basics of open innovation and helps you decide if your organisation is ready to embark on the road of creative innovation.


Open Innovation 2.0: A New Paradigm - Exploring new methods in open innovation and how innovators and change makers can best make an impact.

Embrace Failure To Build A Stronger Innovation Culture - Open innovation industry thought leader and business strategist, Stefan Lindegaard, shares his insights from a recent survey and reviews case studies in which he looked at how global innovation teams deal with failure and embrace the concept of smart-failing.

Adding Value To Your Innovation Initiative With Challenges - This whitepaper explores the use of prize-based challenges to accelerate innovation outcomes and improve business performance through integration to existing enterprise business processes, and specifically, the ubiquitous Stage-Gate process.

Innovate Or Die - A discussion about removing barriers to open innovation. Who is abe to innovate and how can we extend the culture beyond experts.

Open Innovation Ted Talk - Charles Leadbeater discusses how the era of open innovation isn't just for businesses anymore. New tools and paradigms are allowing everyone to use open innovation for good.

Best Practices

Best Practicies For Open Innovation - A 2013 US study about the best practices in open innovation. By evaluating and measuring results from various case studies, the authors of this report share their recommendations on getting the most out of open innovation.

Good Practices In Open Innovation - An overview of the tools and processes that help organisations innovate.

Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration - A research study that includes case studies to outline 11 best practices in open innovation.

4 Innovation Best Practices By Award Winners - IdeaScale's 5 innovation award winners share their best tips and advice for open innovation.

12 Good Practices In Open Innovation - From the Hype Innovation blog, Oana Maria shares 12 best practices in open innovation for the year to come.

9 Innovation Concepts & Methodologies to Embrace, Consider or Rethink - Open innovation is a constantly changing model. How can we best adapt our practices by learning from research, experience, and new technology.

Opinet Open Innovation Best Practice Guide - Best practices in open innovation with some great case studies of innovative companies.

Last updated 2017-05-05