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The Extensive Guide to Social Innovation

Photo by: Kennisland

There’s an app for that. More specifically, there is an app that detects malaria in children; helping them get treatment before the disease becomes fatal. Technology exists to help the visually impaired interact with their surroundings, and to convert sign language into speech. But how do these ideas become reality? It takes more than just one person and one idea to make great innovations like this happen.

How do these new technologies go from being an inkling of an idea to a product that is helping improve lives and communities?

The people behind these social innovations accessed the right opportunities. They were able to pitch their products to the right people by participating in idea contests and prize challenges. But before the pitch they were able to get feedback from an array of different people to fine tune their ideas.

What started as a small idea is now a product helping thousands of people around the world. What started as an organisation reaching out to their community has become a concrete solution to a real problem.

Yet often, these ideas do not come into fruition. People have creative ideas that are never put on paper. There is no place for them to do so. We love hearing the success stories, but with every success more ideas are not heard. A lot of the work we do at WE THINQ has to do with helping organisations find these ideas and help them succeed as products and services.

If you want to change the world with the ideas in your community, we want to help you. If you are ready to tap in to the power of the crowd to refine ideas giving the most benefit to the community, we have the information you need. Our very own CEO, Christian Kreutz, has written an extensive guide to social innovation. More specifically, how to use open innovation, crowd sourcing, and co-creation to make change happen.

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We always love hearing your thoughts. Has open innovation help you create a product or service that is impacting your community? Are the concepts in the guide helpful for you in planning your next innovation project?