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10 Examples of Design Thinking

Workshop to design healthy places. Photo by: Ted Eytan

A couple weeks ago we discussed the differences between design thinking and innovation. This week we are going to show you what design thinking looks like in practice with these 9 examples of design thinking! We love hearing about new projects and your experiments with design thinking. So if you’re working on something leave it in the comments, and we will happily add it to our list!

Happy reading!

Design Thinking Examples:

Proximity Designs - Proximity Designs is an award-winning, social enterprise based in Yangon, Myanmar. They design and deliver affordable, income-boosting products and services that complement the entrepreneurial spirit of rural families. Great example of design thinking at work!

Design Thinking for Mobility - Examples of design thinking projects that mobilized communities and groups for the greater good. Mostly US based, these projects are making communities stronger.

Design Thinking for Educators - How can educators use design thinking to improve learning in the classroom? This website provides you with resources for making the learning experience more creative.

Design Thinking for Social Innovation - The Stanford Social Innovation Review gives an in depth look into how design thinking can be used for social innovation.

Teaching Kids Design Thinking - Want to solve the world’s biggest problems? Teach kids about design thinking and you’ll be surprised (pleasantly, we hope) with the results.

Process Lab - The process lab showcased a design thinking exhibition on designing a better America. The challenge tackled issues such as poverty, income inequality, stagnating wages, rising housing costs, and other issues facing America today.

Meal Service for Holstebro - A new meal service in Denmark, created through design thinking methods, is improving the quality of life for the elderly.

Solar Energy in Rural Africa - There are 1.6 billion people world-wide without electricity. Mobisol set out to change this in rural Africa, using design thinking to create a sustainable and accesible energy source.

Airbnb - A great article on how Airbnb used design thinking to turn around a failing business, and why designers need to be patient to build better products.

Reinventing Ice Cream - Design thinking workshops based around creating better ice cream. What could go wrong?

Design Thinking for Social Innovation - How design thinking methods solved the problem of clean drinking water in the Indian countryside.