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29 Examples of Open Innovation

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Getting started with open innovation can feel overwhelming. The opportunities with open innovation are so vast that knowing where to begin can be daunting. We've compiled this list of our favourite open innovation examples and resources to help you get clarity around your initiative. Whether you are wondering if open innovation is right for your organisation or you are an open innovation pro, our resource list will point you in the right direction! If you have anything to add please leave it in the comments!

This page is updated regularly. Last Updated: June 23, 2017

Prize Challenges

  • Eyeka- Limited number of competitions right now but we are hoping to see this one grow!
  • My Starbucks Idea - Submit ideas for Starbucks products or community initiatives.
  • GE Ecomagination - Submit ideas for environmentally friendly products.
  • Scientific American - Solve science, tech, and policy problems.
  • Innocentive - Post and solve prize challenges or browse their resources.
  • Idea Connection - Solve problems for monetary prizes.
  • WE THINQ - Everything you need to know about running your own prize challenge.

Graphic and Product Design

  • Crowd Spring - Crowdsource graphic design and logos.
  • 99Designs - Crowdsource graphic design.
  • Quirky - Contribute to various phases of the product production process, or shop products created by the crowd.


  • Ideaken - Collaborative crowdsourcing. Seek for solutions and solve problems.
  • Kraft - Crowdstorming product ideas with Kraft.
  • Ideastorm - Dell idea storm process.
  • Ideas Brewery - Heineken idea brewery. Create the next great beer experience.

Innovate better

  • Innoget - Research solutions platform.
  • Nine Sigma - Open innovation resources.
  • Nesta UK - Various resources on succeeding with open innovation.
  • Root Cause - One stop shop for social innovation.
  • European Commission - Supporting innovation in the EU. Get projects funded or follow current initiatives.
  • 100 Open - Find collaboration partners and get support with the innovation process.

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