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Latest Events

24.03.17 (Canada) Impact Investing Hackathon

Studio Y's Finance Cluster and MaRS and teaming up to conduct a weekend long co-design on hacking the impact investing ecosystem. Read more

07.04.17 - European Social Innovation Competition - European Commission

The 2017 Social Innovation Competition aims to make technological change and digital transformation more inclusive. Read more

30.03.17 (Spain): Social Innovation Forum

The Social Innovation Forum is a unique event to share the latest trends in social innovation, promote collective inspiration and facilitate contact between people who are passionate about solving social challenges in a different way. Read more

25.03.2017 (USA): Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference in March brings people together to engage in dialogue around the field of Social Enterprise. Read more

10.03.17 (UK) Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Hackathon

Uniting Designers, Engineers, Developers, Innovators, Mental Health and Social Care professionals, Patient/ Service User groups, Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in taking part in creating and designing solutions to healthcare challenges. Read more

29.03.17 (USA): Innova-Con 4.0 – 2017

International association of innovation professionals: Innova-Con meetings are open to anyone interested in the advancement of innovation worldwide. Read more

29.03.17 (Canada). Do Good, Make Money

Featuring inspiring presentations and a trade show exhibition, the Do Good, Make Money event promises to engage and inform Windsor-Essex about how social innovation improves communities globally, and locally. Read more

03.03.17 (Webinar): Transformative innovation for a 1.5°C world

Take part in a discussion about how sustainability innovation can drive fundamental shifts in societies around the world. Webinar airs on 3 March. Read more

23.02.17 (Webinar): Innovation in Government: New Approaches for Tackling Age-Old Problems

Curious about practical steps governments can take to transform and empower innovation in their organizations? Join on February 23rd to learn more! Read more

13.03.17 (Germany) Coding Dürer – International Hackathon for Art History

A five-day international Hackathon for Art History and Information Science.  This event will bring art historians and information scientists together to work on data and develop new research methods for art history. Read more

07.03.17 (Bulgaria): Smart Cities for South East Europe

The Smart Cities conference aims to promote modern technologies that can transform our cities into more environmentally friendly places. Read more

09.03.17 (Belgium): PlatformCoops Conference

A conference on cooperative business structures and how they can bring innovation into the internet economy. Read more

28.02.17 (USA): Innovation Summit 2017 | The Economist

We are all digital now: A conference on strategies for becoming a truly data-driven and digital business. Read more

28.02.17 (Greece): European Social Innovation Competition

This year the competition will be looking for social innovations that allow everyone equally to seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation and technological change. Read more

24.02.17 (UK) #AirHack - Department for Environment

2-day event working with Defra to explore air quality - the problems, the data, the solutions. Read more

11.02.17 (Germany): Blockchain for Social Innovation Workshop

Explore blockchain technologies while solving real-world problems. You will be able to set up your own digital wallet and to acquire Bitcoins and Ether. Get started with the technology of the future and learn how to use it to impact communities. Read more

13.02.17 (Brussels) Experimenting with Urban Living Labs (ULLs) beyond Smart City-Regions – Urb…

This workshop emphasizes an interdisciplinary dialogue, bridges the gap between theory and practice, and encourages knowledge exchange between academics, policymakers, citizens and activists. Read more

07.02.17 (UK); Campaign workshop: creating your crowdfunding campaign video

The campaign video is often the most important part of a crowdfunding campaign. This is the first thing an investor will look at, so if an entrepreneur can’t get the message across in a three-minute video, it’s unlikely investors will read the rest of the pitch. Read more

07.02.17 (UK): FinovateEurope 2017

Finovate events are open to startups, established companies, and financial institutions with new fintech innovations. Read more

07.02.17 (USA): Smart Manufacturing Innovation Summit | ATX West 2017

The Smart Factory Innovation Summit is a can't-miss educational event for manufacturing professionals who want to dive deep or need to catch up. Read more

01.02.17 (UK): Smart Cities UK 2017

A smart city is a place where the traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies, for the benefit of its inhabitants and businesses. Read more

10.02.17 (Switzerland) Open Food Data Hackathon

With around 200 software developers, engineers, designer, nutritionists, civil servants, and entrepreneurs to jointly develop new solutions for a transparent, efficient, and innovative food industry. Read more

06.02.17 (online): Introduction to business model innovation

This course gives you access to Odyssey 3.14 - an original approach developed to help you invent or reinvent a business model. Read more

02.03.17 (USA): Exchange 2017 | Ashoka U

An innovation conference focused on bringing open innovation practices into higher education. Read more

25.01.17 (USA) Innovation Summit

Helps you plan and process the costs and structures for innovation projects in your organisation. Read more

08.02.17 (Australia) Chief Strategy Officer Summit

Join the largest gathering of Chief Strategy Officers & Strategy Leaders in Australia! The conference will help you develop and implement innovative strategies. Read more

08.02.17 (USA) Product Management & Innovation Summit

For managers, marketers, designers, and innovators from all industries. This three day conference is full of vendor free learning and networking. Read more

11.02.17 (Netherlands): Hackathon for Humanitairian Aid

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands and PwC are organising a hackathon to foster the exchange of data in the humanitarian sector. Read more

10.01.17 (USA): Innovation Summit

Latest tech innovation: From artificial intelligence to algorithmic medicine, what are the biggest disruptive threats of tomorrow? Read more

11.01.17 (Online): Insights for Innovation Course

Learn IDEO’s approach to gathering human-centered insights that fuel innovation. Insights for Innovation will encourage you to see the world differently, so you can uncover deep insights that help you solve problems in new ways. Read more

23.01.17 (UK): Ethnography and Design Thinking Course

During the three days, you’ll try out interviews and observational research techniques on a real-world challenge. Watch our short film to get a feel for the course. Read more

25.01.17 (UK): Finance Disrupted - The Economist

Finance Disrupted will explore what the digital revolution means for finance and the broader economy. Read more

01.02.17 (Italy): Digital Social Innovation Fair

The DSI Fair 2017 offers a rich program featuring an international conference, focused workshops, networking and hands-on sessions to increase social innovation. Read more

07.02.17 (UK): Training - Measuring Social Impact The School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) provides unique training and support to social entrepreneurs, charities and social enterprises. Read more

16.02.17 (UK): Open 2017: Platform Cooperatives | Defining the new economy

A two day conference on the collaborative economy and platform cooperatives. Read more


15/03/17 (Online) Drive Digital Transformation with Innovation

Discuss how to embrace innovation as a critical component of your digital transformation, and build stronger relationships with your customers. Read more

17/03/17 (Finland): Nordic Crowdfunding Event

The event will offer learning experiences, dialogue and excellent networking for anyone interested in crowdfunding and its impact on society, entrepreneurs and markets. Read more

29/03/17 (Canada): Do Good, Make Money

Featuring inspiring presentations and a trade show exhibition, the Do Good, Make Money event promises to engage and inform Windsor-Essex about how social innovation improves communities globally, and locally. Read more

08/02/17 (Online) What can Open Data do to improve Transport & Mobility? - European Data Portal

In its second webinar taking place on 8 February, the European Data Portal will explain how Open Data can be used in the Transport & Mobility domain. Read more

10/02/17 (Cambridge, MA) MIT Venture Capital & Innovation Conference 2017 - MIT Innovation Initia…

Bringing together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and student innovators to discuss disruption taking place in industries around us and within VC itself. Read more

16/02/17 (Israel) 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

Discover the cutting-edge companies creating technologies changing the world right now. Read more

28/02/17 (Online) Developing Software Using Design Thinking Course (online)

SAP is embedding design thinking into its software innovation and development practice. You can benefit from SAP’s experience in the application of design thinking by taking part in this course. Read more

19/01/17 (Online): Healthy neighbourhoods

What does it take to get people out of their houses and feeling comfortable walking around in their neighbourhoods? Gavin McCormack’s extensive research on these topics provides key insights into how built environments can impact our health and well-being in different ways. Read more

Anytime (online) Webinar Recap: Spreading Design Thinking in Organizations

A webinar focused on spreading design thinking in organisations. Julie Baher, Senior Directer of User Experience at Illumina leads a Design Leadership Masterclass. Read more

10/01/17 (Online): Rewards based Crowdfunding webinar

Curious about rewards based crowdfunding? Get validation on your business idea. Grow a community around your business. Read more

Course - Getting Started: Agile Meets Design Thinking - Coursera

Agile and design thinking offer a different--and effective--approach to product development. It has just started, but you can still enroll. Read more