Help guide

Account administration

How can I make the website public?

You can make front page with all ideas public, but any other page needs a login or sign up for the community. That way you will also know who is contributing what.

To do that go to "My Account > Account settings and set "Public front page" to "On".

How can I cancel my account?

You simply change your package under My Account > Plans.

You have 2 options:

  1. Choose the Read-Status package and keep your community with all contributions for 6 months without payment.

  2. Terminate your account right away and all your data including ideas, users etc. will be erased.

In either case you will not be charged again.

Can I download all my data?

Yes! We are a firm believer of open data. The data you produce should belong to you any time. That's why we offer all data to be downloaded at any point of your journey. We also offer that you can export your data with one click into a Google spreadsheet (Google Drive).

Go to "Settings" > "Your data" to download or export your data.

How can I change a phase?

You can change a workflow or phase in the account settings (My Account > Account settings). Be aware each phase comes with different settings in place, that you can still customize. So the commenting might be suddenly turned off or the voting turned on. Check the under account advanced settings.

We highly recommend you decide for the workflow before you actually start your journey with others. Changing it in the middle of the workflow is possible, but might be confusing for users.

Change phase

I have an own workflow in mind. What can I do?

This is great news as we encourage our users to come up with own processes. Please reach out to us, what you have in mind and we let you know how we can implement that.

Is it possible if I change the workflow in the middle of something?

Nothing can happen if you change the workflow in the middle of a journey, however, it probably confuses participants. Contributions such as ideas might be in the wrong phase, but you can fix that through moving these in the right phase under "Manage ideas and phases".

What are different workflows?

WE THINQ allows you to use different workflows to run through with your community. For example an idea competition is different to design thinking. You can choose a best fit workflow when you start your journey.

Each workflow goes through different phases. For example idea competition has 4 phases: Brainstorming, collaboration, voting and winners. Each phase has different features turned off and on, which makes the workflow more systematic and raised participation. Trust us on that. :-)

For example a mobilization for votes in the end generates often extra engagement. So the voting feature is only turned on in this phases. No voting before brings the focus on comments and discussing and does not distract from votes.

But these settings are only recommendations. You as moderator/organizer can change at any time all settings and turn features on and off how you want.